Shin-Yokohama Auction shipping information

When shipping the item you have won a successful bid for, we will use the following shipping company.

・Shin-Yokohama Auction: Sagawa Express only

For customers who wish to pick up their cargo directly or by chartered flight,
At the Shin-Yokohama auction, we will not be able to respond after 3 days (mid-morning of February 20th) from the event date.
In the unlikely event that it is overdue, we will hand over the item at the Shinjuku venue instead of the Shin-Yokohama venue.

Similarly, if it is more than 3 days after the event date (mid-morning on February 20th), the items will be shipped via Yamato Transport from the Shinjuku venue.
We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your understanding.