Message from the CEO

Our goal is to be an enterprise where people grow together
by transforming relationships into power.

CEOThe environment in which we live today is one of continuous, bewildering changes. However, even in such changing times, one goal remains the same.

That is the desire to live a happy life.
Even if people have different ideas of happiness, don’t we all work as hard as we can to achieve it?

En Power was founded with the pledge to build a company where all personnel can take part in management through the exchange of opinions and discussions intended to help everyone involved achieve happiness. It is no easy task to make individual dreams and goals a reality. However, each of us grows by overcoming this difficult challenge. Moreover, sharing a goal with those around us can make even difficult processes enjoyable. I firmly believe that the results of repeated small successes will accumulate to broaden the sphere of happiness from the individual to the family and then to society at large.

Connections and cooperation with numerous people are essential elements of making dreams real. I am confident that the people with whom we interact enable us to realize growth. My belief is that it is vital to be grateful for the opportunities to meet others and to foster a spirit of seeking shared happiness together, instead of pursuing personal interests alone. The growth of people will power the growth of company. In the future, we will continue to hold fast to this unchanging principle as we grow together by transforming relationships into power in the pursuit of a society where people come together and support one another.

Shunsuke Masui
Shunsuke Masui

Corporate philosophy

Transforming the everyday
to build a new future together
where everyone can shine

  • Corporate identity01

    Everyone can shine

    For us, people come first. The possibilities and the potential of each individual broaden infinitely through interactions among and between people. By transforming relationships into power, we will move forward together toward grand possibilities.

  • Corporate identity02

    Build a new
    future together

    We want to build a better future, one based on the spirit of coexistence and coprosperity through shared values.

  • Corporate identity03

    the everyday

    We continue to take on challenges and innovate. By creating new value through disrupting the everyday,
    we will achieve growth and
    contribute to a better society.

Action principles

  • Enjoy

    Enjoy what we do with a positive attitude at all times.

  • Next

    Take action swiftly with a view to the future.

  • Professional

    Take pride and assume responsibility in our work.

  • Observance

    Observe all laws and regulations and conform to social norms.

  • White

    Work with sincerity and integrity based on a spirit of gratitude.

  • Energy

    Strive for self-improvement and always aim to be better.

  • Relation

    Maintain both autonomy and harmony.