Seller Guide

Consignment sales process

Please see below for the process of participating in the Daikichi Auction.

  • STEP 01Schedule a listing

    Use the listing schedule form to schedule your listing. You will be sent a tag by postal mail and notified of the box number by email after the listing is scheduled.

  • STEP 02Acceptance of listing

    Upload the selling list from the dedicated form.

  • STEP 03Prepare and ship the merchandise

    Attach tags to your listed items and ship them or deliver them yourself to the auction venue.

  • STEP 04Inspection

    After the merchandise is received, the auction office will inspect it, referring to the selling list.
    The office may make corrections or other changes to the selling list by hand if necessary.

  • STEP 05Viewing/Web bidding period

    Viewing events will begin four days before the auction date. When viewing has begun, Web bidding opens as well (24 hours/day).

  • STEP 06Bidding deadline

    10:00 am or later on each auction. *Bidding deadlines will arrive in order, starting from box No.1.

  • STEP 07Reserve negotiations

    In principle, enter reserve negotiations on the Web by 4:00 pm on the starting date of bidding deadlines.

  • STEP 08Data finalization

    We will determine the transaction amount the afternoon after the auction ends. Please check your statement on My Page.

  • STEP 09Settlement

    Funds will be transferred after we have confirmed receipt of the full amount of the winning bid for all items purchased from the auction closing date.
    * In the case of Saturdays, Sundays, national holidays, or office holidays, we will respond on the next business day.

Sign-up flow

Daikichi Auction provides high quality services to satisfy buyers nationwide.

Registration is completed in 4 steps.
You will be able to participate in the auction in about 〇 days at the earliest.
*An antique license is required for membership registration.

  • STEP 01

    Apply using the form

    Apply for provisional registration on our website

  • STEP 02

    Submit the required documents.

    This registration is completed.

  • STEP 03

    Document confirmation/procedures

    We will conduct a review.

  • STEP 04

    Membership registration completed

    You can start participating in Daikichi Auction.